A Balanced Life


Doesn’t exist. Just ask the guy above.

Now don’t get me wrong, often our good and bad experiences sometimes average out, but balance is a rare thing. Adapting to limitations and using those adaptations as stepping stones is more of the nature of life.

Take Good King Three Wing. His life will always be a downward spiral to the left. Gravity, aerodynamics and a frustrated bird dictate that the King will never have balance, but he survives and thrives. Barring another meal attempt, his reign will continue until his season is complete. Long live the king!

So do we adapt and progress or do we spiral down to a wasted life? I watched the King for a time and noticed that even though he could no longer rise with his past strength and grace, he learned how to judge the breeze and small updrafts and always ended up where he wanted to go. In our summer yard in the Blue Ridge there is always a meal stop for a Monarch, even one short a wing.

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