Campfire Fuel Resupply

I sent my 20 year-old chainsaw to the great forest in the sky this year. Poor thing ran for 10 seconds, died and never restarted. That’s been a problem for me recently because of untimely tree deaths and wind-falls on my property. My little bit of Blue Ridge has started to get cluttered and there was nothing I could do about it.

I started to revert to the “good-ole-days” and tried disposing of the mess with a small hand saw. I quickly realized, however, that this would be a life-long project and abandoned it.

In the nick of time good fortune happened by in the form of a cooperative-effort Father’s Day gift from my daughters and wife. He he, a new chainsaw! Freedom! Power! Danger!

For the next couple of days visitors might want to wait until after dark to come calling or they could come face-to-face with an adrenaline-saturated blind man wielding a sharpened chainsaw! Felled trees beware!


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