The yearly reign of green receives its coronation in early April in the Blue Ridge, just in time to banish the tyranny of grey and brown. It starts with a tinge of color on the tips of the trees and in diminutive patches in the fields. Mid-April observes the advance of the populist desire for new life reflected in the influx of green and by the end of the month the revolution is complete.

I have two prophets in my yard that foretell the coming Spring, a forsythia and a flowering crabapple tree. Bright yellow and vivid pink strike a blow against the monotony of browns and greys, but yield their chromatic dominance to the yet tender but strengthening rule of green.

Now I can see the roof of my neighbor’s house through my woods, but in a few days that view will be obscured by the trees’ newly acquired leaf finery. And finery it is. Insects that will have ravaged those leaves by year’s end are still dormant or unhatched and have yet to feast on the new blades and fronds that garnish the mountains.

In April and May the colors are still vivid, the onslaught of humidity has not stolen the brightness and early fall dullness is months away. It is a rich time in the Blue Ridge and a season for the re-imagining of life.

© 2011, Bruce Denton. All rights reserved.

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