Some Haiku for You

I dabble a bit in poetry so I thought I’d share a bit. I am particularly fond of haiku, not the modern rag-tag anything goes type, but the traditional Japanese style. Here’s an explanation if you’d like.


Bare limb to bare. limb
fly and jump to follow me
stars along my path.

Ebony indent
twists between the brown grasses
cat in the fresh snow.

Rings around the mass
fade and shrink further from home
bass jumps for supper.

Heralds of the dusk
bid the tide to turn anew
tree frogs this fresh spring.

Staccato drummer
rhythm of her moment’s whim
green glen’s woodpecker.

© 2017, Bruce Denton. All rights reserved.

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2 Responses to Some Haiku for You

  1. tdd says:

    Five and six my faves
    Little peepers singing
    Drumming woodpeckers
    (My not so good attempt at a haiku reply!)

  2. Unmuddle says:

    Thanks! Thoughtful and stimulating!
    The one Haiku that comes to my mind is (probably mangled)
    Sitting quietly, doing nothing
    Spring comes,
    And the grass grows by itself

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