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Blue Ridge Pilgrim's new journal - the iPadI’m trying out my new ‘field journal ‘ with this post. Actually it is an excellent journal with many features that make it incredibly useful for this type of writing. This new tool is of course, an iPad. Now I’ve purchased a variety of tools that greatly enhance it’s ability to serve a writer, including word processing, dictionary and a method to wirelessly export my docs to my word processor of choice, Scrivener, that resides on my Mac back at home.

I’ve always¬† carried a paper notebook with me, in fact every jacket that I own has a small notebook in the pocket. That was convenient to be sure, but that type of note-taking always necessitates later transcription.¬† That is problematic since I can’t even read my own writing, much less ask someone else to try to make it out. My readability index has skyrocketed.

So will my productivity increase? Will I be better at my craft? I don’t know, we’ll see after w few weeks of investigation. For now, things are looking pretty good!


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