March Madness

The weather I mean. March in the mountains of Western NC is a climatically topsy-turvy month. 60 degrees one day, snowing the next, like today. I’m sitting in church and my wife pokes me, not unusual, she does that, uh, often, but for different reasons. This jab came with an invitation to look out the window at the heavy snow fall, rather than the customary “wake up!” directive. Don’t judge me too harshly, nocturnal sleep and I have parted ways recently. But I digress.

So a pretty good bit fell, enough to necessitate cleaning off the car windows, but with the recent warm spell, what little did fall didn’t last long. Seeing the new green growth and the “johnny jump-ups”, as my mother calls the small, humble yard flowers that are the first to add color to early spring, peeping out of a wet snow always gives me a warm sense of expectation.

The snow is now gone and tomorrow’s forecast heralds sunny and seasonably warm. Yes, I’ll have some more please.


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