Neglected Bridges

Neglected BridgesLead to nowhere. Don’t get me wrong, there are bridges that need a good cremation like addictions, bitterness, hate. Those are all bridges to nowhere and need to be gone.

There are, however, some bridges that crumble through lack of attention and are difficult, if not impossible, to restore. Connections to friends and family, links to your spouse and children. Bridges to other human beings.

The ruthless reality is that the bridges to the most important things in life are often those that receive the most neglect. The whip of vain urgency at the hand of tyrants of our own making relentlessly drive us from critical “bridge maintenance.” The tyrants of time (or the perceived lack thereof), the boss, our “responsibilities”, even our often poor physical condition extort from us the discipline of our attention.

© 2011, Bruce Denton. All rights reserved.

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