Spring Rain

The first rains of spring fell today. The Asheville area has been dry for the last several years, with the exception of one, so today’s shower was a blessing. The grass in my yard is now starting to rouse from it’s winter dormancy and change from somber grey to vivid green. I am hopeful that this shower will advance the march of green and thoroughly drive out the chromatic chill of winter.

I expect it will. Our temperatures have been moderate and now with a good drink of water my residential flora should start to awaken.

Now I like rain, in moderation. I can take a good thunderstorm every now and again, I have always been fascinated with the visual, auditory and physical power of lightening and thunder. Once a month anyway.  Give me a good gentle, refreshing rain on a quiet afternoon and in short order much of the stress and anxiety of life gets washed away. Sometimes I settle in with a good book, other times I let the peace that falls with the rain usher me into quiet meditation.

I revel in the delicate sound of the rain drops on the leaves in my woods. I enjoy the rhythmic cadence of the melody of drops on the patio from my needs-to-be-fixed gutter.  Perhaps that is why I haven’t repaired it yet.

I have a small creek that runs through my property and it comes to life with a good shower. Most of the time it winds its way around the rocks in its bed, politely excusing itself,  but the rain rejuvenates it and the water hurries over, under and around those hard obstacles, sometimes dislodging them completely. The vacancy is short-lived, however, as new stones from further up the stream take their place.

My creek has a good memory and I appreciate that. Even after the rain clouds have been evicted by the sun, the stream’s singing continues, prolonged by the runoff from the mountain sides above my plot.

Hyetal grey and sunlit blue, a delicious combination for a sumptuous week!


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