A Trip To South Holston Lake

I spent the early part of my teenage years around South Holston Lake and I believe a little bit of that lake water still flows in my veins.

South Holston is a man-made lake created by the Tennessee Valley Authority for flood control and power generation. It is a serene lake buttressed by the Holston Mountain range to the East and some smaller hills on the Western edge. The beautiful rolling countryside of Southwest Virginia and upper East Tennessee create the tapestry into which this blue-green gem is woven.

We rode across the dam on a recent trip to South Holston and the crisp blue of a cloud punctuated sky and the greening of the mountains demanded that I make some photographs. Here is the result.

South_Holston_Lake_1_Blue_Ridge_Pilgrim South_Holston_Lake_2_Blue_Ridge_Pilgrim South_Holston_Lake_3_Blue_Ridge_Pilgrim South_Holston_Lake_4_Blue_Ridge_Pilgrim

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