Welcoming the Autumn

Fall has arrived and with it the twice-yearly balance of day and night – 12 hours each. In the Blue Ridge the day occupies fewer hours because of the height of the surrounding mountains. Sunrise at 7 in the flatlands to the east could be anywhere from 8 to 9 by the time ol’ Sol summits the obscuring eastern peaks of these hills.

It’s comfortably cool now, the oppressive heat that drove us to the air-conditioned comfort of our houses and cars has drained from our valleys, replaced by early morning fog and mist. Long-sleeved shirts are plucked from summer storage and their spots now occupied by their short-sleeved brethren. Fine with me, I hate to sweat.

To mark this day I’ve found some Autumn quotes that I’ll share:

“Autumn days come quickly, like the running of a hound on the moor.” – Irish proverb

“Trees snapping and cracking in the autumn indicate dry weather.”

“If, in the fall of the leaves in October, many of them wither on the boughs and hang there, it betokens a frosty winter and much snow.”

“Spring rain damps;
 Autumn rain soaks.”

“Of autumn’s wine, now drink your fill; the frost’s on the pumpkin, and snow’s on the hill.”
- The Old Farmer’s Almanac, 1993

“Autumn has caught us in our summer wear.” – Philip Larkin, British poet (1922-1986)

Now I’ll savor the cooling breeze and the changing colors that herald frost and bare trees. The cycle abides.

© 2011, Bruce Denton. All rights reserved.

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